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Bhekani Khumalo


I'm Bhekani Khumalo (IPA: /be̞ɣäɳi kxumälo/). A software engineer living in London. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Contentful . I am also building Dealbase.Africa , where we collect and share data on deal activity in the African early stage tech ecosystem. Before now, I worked at Anaplan , Sigma Digital , ESRI South Africa and RAMM Technologies . But I haven't always been a software engineer. My professinoal background is in Civil Engineering. I have a Bachelor's degree in Civil and Water Engineering and was a Civil Engineer for the first 6 years of my career. Then I switched to Geographic Information Science and then Software Engineering.

I write the Just Reflections newsletter and love teaching and helping people become better humans. In my spare time, I love reading, watching Sci-fi and Fantasy films, listening to podcasts and gaming. I love speaking at events, and I have a speaker rider , if you'd like to talk to me about one you're running. I also enjoy speaking on podcasts! Feel free to email me at hello at bhekani dot com with details.

PS: Most people call me BK (my initials)

You can find me on X (Twitter) , GitHub and LinkedIn

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